Static TTS in Sounds menu 

Thanks to Text-to-Speech (TTS) you can generate audio files in different languages from text and save them on your PBX to use it later on in IVRs or in Dialplan. Just write down your text, select the voice and generate the audio file. You can adjust volume, pitch and pitch. Save the file once you are satisfied with the output and use it in Dialplan when you need it. 

Dynamic TTS in Dialplan:

Dynamic TTS feature allows for dynamic generation of interactive voice responses using Text-to-Speech feature in Dialplan and supports the use of variables. Using this feature the audio file is generated dynamically during the execution of the Dialplan application. Thanks to support of variables, such as ${CALLERID(name)} you can create interactive voice responses, make a query to a Database, execute a script, etc.

Worldwide Phonebook:

With Worldwide Phonebook caller name lookup service you will always know who is calling you, even if the person is not present in the enterprise phonebooks or is calling from a different phone number. If a caller is not found in the colleagues phonebook and in the enterprise’s shared phonebooks, the system searches in online resources.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR):

This service is a real human-computer interaction. Thanks to Automatic speech recognition (ASR) callers can interact with the system using just their voices. Very helpful, especially for visually impaired users! Additionally, thanks to this feature, you can start calls from W-AIR Headset by pressing a button and saying the name of the person or the department you wish to call. 

Dial by name via ASR :

Automated Attendant invites a caller to say the name of the person he or she is looking for. Callers can interact with the system using voice and decide whether to continue the search or to place a call. Feature can be called via “Dial by name / Directory” Dialplan application or Feature code “Directory” 82. Available also for W-AIR Headset (press the Call button when there is no active conversation and say the name). Feature is enabled by default. To return to the old behavior (entering name via DTMF), use these global Dialplan variables: IVR_ASR (yes / no, default = yes) for Dialplan application IVR_ASR_SERVICES (yes / no, default = yes) for Feature code