Wildix Cloud guarantees complete continuity of service of the on-site systems thanks to a redundant network architecture where it is possible to insert Cloud, virtual or physical PBXs, installed in locations scattered in various countries.

This hybrid multisite network is possible thanks to WMS Network which allows to create a peer2peer VPN connection between the PBXs.

Each PBX therefore is connected via internet to the other hubs of the network and can have other local connectivity and access to the public phone network available through media gateways (ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, FXO or GSM).

It is as such possible to create a hybrid Cloud in which local resources (Client PBXs) are connected to the central unit (Server PBX) in Cloud. The Server PBX located in Cloud manages the sync of the information among all the Client PBXs in the network: shared company phonebooks, call routing rules, ACLs, DID, timetables, IVR, and so on. The functioning of the WMS Network in normal conditions allows 2 Clients to activate communications (calls, presence, chat, and video) between them, without having to go through the Server PBX. (however if it were necessary for the network security policy, the possibility for the Client PBX to not publish the 1194 UDP port is provided for; in this case, the Client to Client communication takes place by using the Server as proxy.) 

In case of problems of access to the internet, the Client PBX continues to function correctly for all the users of the PBX and guarantees the continuity of service of the communications routing the calls using local resources (ISDN, analogue or GSM phone lines). 

The continuity of service is fundamental in many situations, in particular: 

● for the management of emergency services: a Client PBX connected to the Server in Cloud and an ISDN line makes it possible for the operators to work even without internet; 

● in multi-location company realities: the various locations can have different quality of internet connectivity; maintaining local lines the communication is guaranteed independently from the quality/availability of the internet line; 

● if the company offices are dislocated in foreign countries: the functioning of the communication system is guaranteed in the remote offices, independently from the central office.