3CX Phone System can monitor your status in MS Outlook and automatically change the status of your extension. If you have scheduled appointments where your “Show As” status is set to “Working Elsewhere” or “Out Of Office”, then your status in the 3CX Phone System will automatically change to the “Away” or “Out Of Office” status respectively. This check is performed every minute.

Note: Calendar events are only supported for MS Exchange 2013,2013 SP1 and Exchange 2016. 3CX Phone System Pro Edition v12.5 and up is required.

How to Enable Exchange Calendar Events

To enable Exchange Calendar Events, you must first configure the Exchange Connector (MS Exchange Sync). After having successfully configured MS Exchange Sync, check “Set 3CX status to away if Exchange Calendar is busy” in “Contacts” > “Exchange” > “Presence Integration.” section to enable this feature.

How to Use Exchange Calendar Events

When scheduling an appointment, set your “Show as” status as “Working Elsewhere” or “Out Of Office” to trigger the automatic status change for your extension. When the appointment time comes, your extension status will change automatically.

If you want to opt out of the automatic status change for a specific appointment, leave the default “Busy” status when creating the appointment, or choose “free”, “tentative” as your status since these statuses will not trigger an extension status change. Another way to opt out is to set your extension status to either “Custom 1” or “Custom 2”.

Below is a sample flow for extension 100 which is activated to be synchronized with the MS Exchange server for contacts and appointments.

Note that after the appointment has ended, the status of the extension will remain in state that it was automatically set to. This is due to the fact that meetings tend to take longer than scheduled. You will have to revert your extension status to “Available” manually, either by using the 3CX client, or using a provided dial code. The default dial code for “Available” is *30.

If during an appointment, Office Hours come in effect for your extension set schedule, the status of your extension will change according to the status set for your Office Hours. Calendar events do not block the main 3CX Phone System scheduler. The Server Time of the 3CX Phone System and of the Exchange Server must match up, as appointments are posted by the exchange in local time (not UTC).