This guide will show you how to integrate Salesforce with 3CX Phone System

On this topic

  • Introduction
  • System Requirements
  • Configuring the Salesforce Plugin
  • General configuration
  • Contact Open Mode
  • Behavior
  • Salesforce configuration
  • Inbound Calls
  • Launching Calls from Salesforce


3CX provides out of the box integration with Salesforce. This integration allows showing the contact record on inbound calls, saving the call information in the contact’s history, and launching outbound calls to your Salesforce contacts directly from the Salesforce web interface.

System Requirements

  • 3CX v15 PRO edition
  • 3CX client for Windows installed and running
  • Salesforce Enterprise account, Salesforce Unlimited account, or Salesforce Professional account with web services enabled (Salesforce Web Services API is used)

Configuring the Salesforce Plugin

In order to open the configuration dialog, press the Settings button in the 3CX client for Windows.


Select Advanced Settings” and then click Integration”. The configuration dialog will be shown.

General configuration

Click on “General” to open the general settings page. From here you can configure the “Contact Open Mode” and the “Behavior”:

Contact Open Mode

  1. From the drop down menu select when you want the contact record to be opened in Freshdesk (on ring, on answer, or don’t open it)
  2. “Only show CRM contact details when Caller ID length is larger than” - To open the contact record if the Caller ID length is larger than a number of digits set by you (so it’s not launched when another extension is calling you).


  1. Check the Enable Journaling” option to automatically register the call activity in the contact’s activity history. When this option is set, the plugin will add a new record containing information about the call in the contact’s activity history, already bound to the contact matched, when the call ends.
  2. “Create a new contacts if not found.” Enable this to create new entries when the Caller ID is not found.
  3. Maximum digit length to compare.” When an inbound call arrives at your extension, the caller ID may have different formats depending on your PSTN or VoIP Provider. It could have an international format (including the country code), national format (including the region or city code), or local format (including only the local number).

Also, you may have added your contact’s phone numbers in your Salesforce account with prefixes that are not present in the caller ID, such as mobile phone prefixes. In this case, to match the caller ID with the contact’s phone number, you need to specify the maximum digit length to compare parameter. Usually this parameter should be the length of your local phone number.

The Salesforce plugin will compare the final number digits of the Caller ID with the final number digits that appear in your contact’s phone number. If you configure this parameter to compare a high number of digits, there's a greater chance that the Caller ID will match up with the contact, but it's possible that the Caller ID will not always match up with some contacts. If you configure the maximum digit length to compare to a lower number of digits, you get less accuracy when matching the Caller ID with your contacts.

Salesforce configuration

Now, you need to fill in the “Login Information” section. Just enter your email address, password and security token.

Important: If you don't have a Security Token, login to Salesforce using the web interface and go to “Profile > Settings > Reset My Security Token.” You will receive your new Security token (case-sensitive) via e-mail. If you have limited access ask your administrator.

Finally, in the “Contact Lookup” section you can choose to look for contact information in the Contacts, Leads and / or Accounts tables, and select the lookup order in these tables. You can also specify if you want it opened in your default browser, or configure the plugin to open the contact record in another browser.

Important: You must restart your 3CX client in order for the configuration to apply.

Inbound Calls

When an inbound call arrives at your extension and a contact is matched, the contact record will be automatically shown in your selected browser.

If the contact is not matched and the option on your client “Create new contacts if not found” is checked, Salesforce will automatically open an empty form in a new tab to create the new contact.

When the call ends and if the option “Enable Journaling” is checked, Salesforce will automatically add a new activity log of the call.

Launching Calls from Salesforce

If your administrator has customized the Salesforce account you will be able to launch calls directly via the Salesforce web interface.


The Salesforce plugin allows you to automatically dial contacts simply by clicking “Click here to call this contact with 3CX”. The call will be triggered and set up to the user’s desktop phone WITHOUT having to actually dial the number on the phone. This saves users a great deal of time.