1. Outline

Figure 1  RTP Unicast streaming - no call set up

Figure 2  RTP Unicast streaming - audio stream per connection

RTP RX LOCAL PORT : destination UDP port number of incoming RTP Unicast stream

Note: The UDP port numbers you select must be even numbers, because your unit will automatically open each UDP port number +1 as the RTCP port.If you use odd numbers, as in the example RTP TX REMOTE PORT: 6020, RTP TX LOCAL PORT : 6021, RTP RX LOCAL PORT : 6020, you will find port 6021 is also open as the RTCP port for 6020 and problems may arise. (If you use software version VOS08.08.01 onwards this issue will not arise as you will be restricted to select even numbered ports).

2. Analogue Ports settings

Figure 5  Analogue Voice > Analogue Ports menu

Ensure that the Algorithm chosen here matches the setting on the SIP Gateway > Channel Details menu and Destination is pointing to the correct SIP Gateway Channel