You can configure your voicemail by dialing “999” or "9999" or Hit the Message button on your phone. Once connected to voicemail, you will be presented with the voicemail auto attendant interface. This feature will then present you with a voice menu system which announces the voicemail options and allows you to dial a key to access and manage those options. The initial options you are presented with are the following:

· Dial * to play your messages

· Dial 9 to go to options

· Dial pound(#) to exit

To configure your voicemail, dial “9”. The following are the options announced by the voicemail system and by dialing their corresponding keys you can access, change and update these features:

· Dialing “1” allows you to change your profile status.

· Dialing “3” allows you to dial a number.

· Dialing “4” allows you to delete all read messages.

· Dialing “5” allows you change your self-identification message.

· Dialing “6” allows you to play mailbox information.

· Dialing “7” allows you change your voicemail PIN number (which will be reflected in 3CX Management Console).

· Dialing “8” allows you to change your greeting message.

· Dialing “9” allows you to restart the voice menu’s prompts.