Hardware Requirements

  • Dedicated: Intel i3 3.06 GHz or equivalent w/ 2 GB RAM 
  • Multi-purpose: Intel i5/i7, 3.4 GHz or equivalent w/ 4 GB RAM 

Lower processing power PCs can be used, however audio quality may be  comprised under heavy CPU loads. 

Software Requirement

  • Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, including versions for Tablet PCs
Network Requirement

  • Recommended configuration: 100BaseT connection over private LAN 
  • Bandwidth Utilization per client: 

*ATS = Audio Time Slice per packet which controls how many 20ms audio frames are transmitted within a single UDP

packet. As each UDP packet requires a fixed amount of overhead, the more frames sent at the same time, the less the

UDP overhead which conserves network bandwidth. Conversely, the more audio frames sent per transmission, the

greater the system latency and the potential audible consequence of a lost packet. The default is 20ms.